It’s important to know the meaning of infertility before proceeding to its treatment. So, infertility simply refers to the inability of couples or lovers to achieve conception naturally after several unprotected sexual intercourses. Therefore, infertility treatment refers to the medical means adopted to help the woman conceive in due course. Couples suffering from infertility might end up not having kids if the cause of their problem is not treated medically or through alternative therapy.


The genesis of Infertility can invariably be caused by the inability of the man to produce viable sperm cells or low sperm count. In this scenario, the spermatozoa will not be able to fertilize the ovarian egg of the woman; hence there will be no formation of zygote after copulation. Furthermore, the cause of infertility can also be as a result of the woman’s inability to produce a healthy ovarian egg which could be due to any previous infection that was not properly treated. Although in a rare case, the couples could be medically sound, but would still be unable to conceive. Hence, infertility can be 40 percent caused by the man, 40 percent from the woman and by both sexes or 20 percent unknown medical problems.


The choice of treatment mainly depends on the result of numerous tests conducted to identify the best medical intervention to use. The medical history of both partners plays a crucial role in the medical examinations to be carried out. The history includes but not limited to:
• Age of the spouse(menopause)
• Addiction(alcoholism and drug abuse history)
• Menstrual cycle consistency
• Radiation or chemotherapy history
Afterwards, several tests such as hysterosalpingography, sperm test, ultrasound, laparoscopy, ovulation test will be carried out on both partners to help the doctor with differential diagnosis and subsequent tentative diagnosis for the treatment.
The outcome of the scan and tests will now result in the choice of treatment of infertility, which can be any of the following:
Timed intercourse
This is the planning of intercourse to fall within the 5 days of ovulation in order to improve the chance of becoming pregnant. This requires having the essential knowledge on how to calculate copulation period to concise with the time when hormonal changes in the female will favours conception.
The administration of any of Anti-Diabetic medication, Hormone, Sex hormone suppression, or estrogen modulator can improve the chances of conception. Those drugs stimulate the natural hormones necessary for pregnancy occurrence, such that, there would no longer be any reason to indulge in medication for future conception.
Medical Procedure
This is a procedure that involves harvesting or collection –or both- of the egg and sperm respectively through Artificial insemination, ART (Assisted reproductive technology), Ovulation induction, and IVF to achieve pregnancy. Before any medical procedure is adopted, the patient will be made to carry out series of medical tests to ascertain the best option to use.